Android Studio to stop support for 32-bit PCs in 2020

4 years ago

Google has announced that it will stop supporting the 32-bit Android Studio system software and the 32-bit Android Emulator from 2020 and will only support the more efficient 64-bit versions of the integrated development environment (IDE).

As reported by 9to5 Google, Google will end the update support for the 32-bit version of Android Studio IDE 3.6 on 31 December 2019 and the Android Emulator will be deprecated on 32-bit systems with version 28.0.25 on 30 June 2019. However, support for the 32-bit version of the Android Studio IDE 3.6 will continue for a year after 31 December but will be removing all support and download links on the last of December 2020.

According to Google, running the Android Studio on 64-bit systems rather than the 32-bit ones allows a “better development experience” with IDE, along with providing the Android Emulator with an “efficient access to memory.” The company also stated that though this change will not affect most Android Studio users, those using 32-bit versions of Microsoft Windows will definitely be impacted. During this transitional phase, Google is helping users of the 32-bit version of Windows by providing details on the upcoming declining timeline, along with remedial steps to follow for the changes.

Earlier this month, Google launched the Android Q beta 4 with finalised APIs that will help developers with new features like the system-wide dark mode, smart replies/actions for notifications, and foldable smartphone layouts, which can be used without concern of broken functionality in the final release. The company is planning to release two more beta versions before Android Q (10) is ready to ship at some point in Q3.

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