Apple will force app developers to include ‘Sign in with Apple’

4 years ago

Apple is forcing app developers using third-party sign-ins to adopt its 'Sign in with Apple' alternative.

The new button was debuted at this year’s WWDC and offers an innovative solution to a serious problem. Rather than sign-in via a service which collects data – like those from Facebook, Twitter, and Google – users can benefit from the convenience of such logins but also protect their privacy.

Rather than provide a user’s actual email address, Apple’s sign-in button generates a randomised email address which forwards on to the real account. This ensures the user’s email is kept private and they have full control over who it’s shared with and the messages they receive, while also enabling developers to provide important updates.

While it’s a win for users, some developers may not be happy to hear Apple is forcing the adoption of its new button.

The App Store guidelines have been updated to include:

"Sign In with Apple will be available for beta testing this summer. It will be required as an option for users in apps that support third-party sign-in when it is commercially available later this year."

Basically, if you use any third-party sign-in, you must also include Apple’s. Furthermore, the guidelines state Apple’s button must be listed first.

Most developers will be happy to oblige, but some would have liked the choice. That said, Apple’s hand was likely somewhat forced as many developers would have otherwise been slow to adopt something that reduces their access to user data.

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